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How the Porn Industry Pushes Photo Technology

If we trace the history of print, the first fiction to be published on a printing press was an erotic tale. Then came the super 8 films, Polaroid, home videos, digital videos that you could rent, video on demand sites such as nudevista. Adult content has driven more important tech adoption more than anything else. Not to mention Snapchat the mainstream video and chat app with a private messaging feature that has unofficially acquired the status of a porn service.

In its attempt to satisfy man’s insatiable desire for better porn videos, the pornography industry has been the catalyst that has launched technology forward while non-compliant products are passed by the wave.

The history of pornography’s effect on mass communication has been well detailed in ‘The Erotic Engine’, a book by Patchen Barss. Even before people had VCRs in their living rooms, some were already sneaking into shady theaters to watch porn videos or adult films as they were known then. The fact that people could now watch the films in the comfort of their homes partly contributed to the adoption of VCR.

The boom of home pornography was enabled by the spread of the camcorder in the seventies and eighties. It disrupted the industry by getting rid of the boundary between producers, distributors, and consumers. The consumer also became the producer and distributors were not needed any more, though the print industry was still making lots of money. It was the golden age of Playboy.

The underlying theme here is the way pornography creates an initial market for new and expensive photo technologies. This gives them room to grow till they become mainstream. Once these technologies are adopted by the masses, they then become less friendly for adult content and the social stigma builds up again. Then the cycle starts once again.

But then the internet happened. It offered unlimited privacy. You could watch your porn in the bathroom if you wanted. You could jerk off to your favorite pornstars on nudevista no matter the time of day. People could anonymously share their content on the online communities that emerged.

People had been able to make their own porn videos for decades before the internet. Now they could share them, anonymously. It made sharing and data transfer available. With the use of torrents, there was plenty of free porn videos for everyone. Sites such as Pornhub, Brazzers, and Nudevista sprung up.

Now the next stage is virtual reality, which is already here. We don’t know what will come next, but you’ll probably enjoy watching your porn on it.

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